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Rosa Devine » Some screenshots from Derry GameCraft

Some screenshots from Derry GameCraft

Posted on Sep 14, 2013
Some screenshots from Derry GameCraft

Quick collection of screenshots before judging commences.

The three of us are approaching the 28th hour without sleep. So tired!

A melancholy scientist with a fondness for music seeks to escape the bleak reality of her life, as she recovers from a surgery that prevents her from speaking. Through a combination of visual and audio markers, the player must identify the correct amoebas for the scientist to incubate. When chosen in the correct order the amoebas will produce a melody that is then grafted onto the underlying theme for the following levels.

Code: Clodagh McCarthy Luddy; Music composition & sound effects: Eimear McCarthy Luddy; Art: Rosa Devine



Update: WE WON!